Monthly Archives: May 2006

My So-Called Summer

So, my house is filthy, my dog hasn't been walked for a week, and I'm sitting here in my oldest jeans and rattiest sweater, with cracks like the Grand Canyon under my eyes, but it's done. The Huge Project Read more [...]

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Very bad things…

A Bad Thing happened to my computer. We don't know what the Bad Thing was, but the end effect is that I can no longer use the Internet with anything like ease. Every page I try to load just freezes and Read more [...]

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Blogging Along

Don't worry, I didn't fall off my bike a third time and break my pretty little head for good, I've just been busy. Busy blogging, mostly - just not here. Sorry. The last few days have been spent setting Read more [...]

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A Weighty Issue

So, a few weeks ago I decided to subscribe to the Amazon DVD rental program thingy. I guess I thought it would be a good idea to hire a new workout DVD every week, and that way I'd never get bored, and Read more [...]

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