These are the subject headers of all the pieces of spam I received over the course of today. I think it reads like some freaky piece of beat poetry or somethin’:

Outbid handpicked

Principal sword

Shout confederation

Cindy: Rates are Low Again!

Still waiting


Healthcoverage as low as 38 per month

Last night’s encounter…

Important health information

Be rewarded for your opinion

Your wealth: sea magpie

Directive distant

Your family: pin setter

Hey bro, found this site

Members of the jury for the IX Union Fenosa International Exhibition

Health coverage comparison

The other blue pill

The best kept secret about debt

Get Name brand fashion jeans for men and women!

Nexus appraisals low fee schedule

Complimentary Trip to


WEBER Grill survey – Complimentary WEBER Grill
Get HYWI First Thing Tomorrow, This is Going to Explode!

Kenneth Cole Gift Card Has been reserved for you!

Do you know who lives in your neighborhood?

Hoodia will KILL Your appetite

Is your dog’s food good enough?

It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!

Credit card chargeback

A new you in 2006

Top notch refinancing for the



Lots of no charge ringtones

Stepping into the Light

Technology, communication, oracle, sap, peoplesoft, ibm, hp customer lists

The best kept secret about debt

Bounty paper towels on us!

Registramos SU marca

IRBL announces government contracts


Professional opportunity made simple

Top insurance carriers at the best prices

Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning

Start generating sales and earn a bonus from Skinsales

Euromillions Lottery

You happy

Please someone, just shoot me now…

  1. My, what a variety of trash!

    I get around 30 spam emails a day, fortunately the spam filter on Gmail is really good and gets them all.

    It still drives me mad though!

    I feel your pain, definitely!

  2. Which email account are you using? You can set up filters so that you only have mail from people you know delivered to your inbox, the rest is sent to junk mail.

    Ok, the down-side is that you still have to sift through it to make sure there’s nothing important, but it still beats having it all in your inbox :/

  3. Ooh, Leigh, how do I do that? I’m using MS Outlook, with numerous filters, but I can only seem to set up rules that say “if it’s from this person, send it here,” or “if it has this word in it, delete it” etc. The spam is so wide and varied, though, and comes from different email addresses each time, so it seems unstoppable… It’s actually getting so bad now that I’ve been thinking of coughing up for a good spam filer (can’t seem to find a good free one), but I just resent paying money just to not have to read adverts for penis extensions!

  4. Outlook is a nightmare really – it might be better if you can set up a webmail account so that emails never come near your computer. My ISP has the option of checking emails online instead of downloading them with Outlook, do you know whether yours will let you do the same?
    Also, look at the “To” and “CC” headers of the emails – if they don’t have your address in them, you can set up a filter which says “If from or cc does not contain then move it to junk mail” etc, it seems to work for me 9 times out of 10.

  5. Hello…not really relevant to the post, but I was wondering where you got your template from here?

    I want something a bit nicer for my blog and can’t find anything.. 🙁

  6. hi Beth,

    I just made the template myself by making a banner in photoshop and then messing around with the background settings in typepad – it’s just an orange background basically, with a banner. Creative, me 🙂

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