Don’t worry, I didn’t fall off my bike a third time and break my pretty little head for good, I’ve just been busy. Busy blogging, mostly – just not here. Sorry.

The last few days have been spent setting up a couple of new blogs at The Fashion Police, both of which are still embarrassingly empty, but hey, doing my best here, mmmkay? First up we have Crimes of Fashion, which exists purely to poke fun at people with bad clothes. Expect to see me on there quite a lot then.

Next up, we have the Celebrity Gossip Blog, which at the moment exists purely to indulge my fascination with Downward Spiral Britney and her trainwreck lifestyle. Brilliant fun.

I’ve also been plugging away, doing my bit over at TV Scoop, a task made ever-harder by the fact that I don’t watch any British TV at all, ever. Don’t tell them that, though.

Finally, The Scotsman called on Sunday morning, looking for an emergency 600 words, deadline Monday morning. I, of course, did what any self-respecting journo would do, jumped on my bike and went for another long ride. I didn’t fall off this time. At least some things are going well…

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