The Little (Wedding) Shop of Horrors

Yesterday I went shopping for wedding dresses for the first time.

Today I was up and on my bike by 07.30am, cycling as fast as I could (so not very fast then) in a desperate bid to work off some of the blubber. Because who knew that going to a wedding dress sale would involve me standing in a room full of people, dressed only in my underwear and a pair of stilettos? Who knew the mirrors would be that unflattering? Who knew you could get cellulite on your freaking belly?!

Not me. But I know now, and I will be having none of it. If getting up at 7am, is what it’s going to take to deal with this, um, issue (and remember, I work from home, people. 7am is really, really early for me), then by God, that’s what I’ll do.

Weirdly, despite the blubber situation, all of the dresses I tried on were about a mile too big. See, I’m not fat. I’m just fatter than I used to be. And I was really, really horrified by the state of my belly. I mean, I never want to see that again. Well, I do, actually. In fact, I’ve taken a picture of it to motivate me when the cycling/running/ballet all gets boring and I start thinking that, y’know, Haribo sweets don’t have too many calories in them, do they?

I’ve started to panic a little bit about the dress, actually. Nothing I seen yesterday really grabbed me, and I’m so picky and indecisive that I can see this whole thing rumbling on until it’s too late to order a dress anyway, and I have to just turn up in my jeans. My jeans which showcase my BIG WOBBLY BELLY people. Gah.

Actually, I’ve seen loads of dresses I love on American websites – and for not much money, either. The problem with those dresses, of course, is that they are in America, which means that I’d have to order one without trying it on. Argh, it’s all so difficult…

On the other hand, maybe the bird flu will have wiped us all out by then? Who knows?Oh, we also went back to Orocco Pier to pay our deposit this weekend. Very exciting as there was a wedding happening that day, so we were able to see the room decorated for it. It all looked lovely, and Terry has filmed it so that we’ll have a "one year before" video of it too. Because we really are that sad.

And on that note, back to work I think…

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