People, we have a dress. We have a VERA WANG dress. Let me just say it again: Vera. Wang. Dress. Oh. My. God.

The Precious was purchased early yesterday evening and will be winging its way towards me sometime this week. It’s very simple, but very lovely – very Vera, in fact, and I was almost sick with excitement when it was purchased.

I actually feel like I should invite Vera Wang to the wedding, such has been the level of obsession with her wedding gowns these last few weeks. Failing that, I will appear on Mastermind with “Vera Wang wedding dresses” as my specialist subject. I’m pretty sure that if you showed me a picture of a Wang gown, I’d be able now to tell you a) which collection it came from b) the item number c) the price and d) how hard it is to find that exact dress, in a US 2 – 4 / UK 6, and a colour that will flatter my skin. (Pretty freaking hard, just in case you’re wondering…)

So yes, I’ve been obsessed, you could say that. The search for the dress has been all-consuming, but now that it’s over, don’t expect to see me update here any more frequently, because now begins the search for The Shoes. For real.

Vera. Wang. Dress. Come to me, myyyy preeeeccciousssss…

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