So, my house is filthy, my dog hasn’t been walked for a week, and I’m sitting here in my oldest jeans and rattiest sweater, with cracks like the Grand Canyon under my eyes, but it’s done. The Huge Project of Doom is done, so I feel like a schoolkid on the last day of term. I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet.

It’s been a rough few days. Why is it, I wonder, that some PRs seem to feel that being obnoxious and vaguely threatening is a surefire way to get a journalist to give them the coverage they so richly don’t deserve? Hmmmm? I mean, how does that one work? One of the PRs I have to deal with on the HPOD hates me, and while it’s OK because I hate her too, it’s also totally not OK because, hello! Why so snarky? If I wanted snarky I’d have stayed in a real job, thanks very much. Gah.

Anyway. That aside, the past few days have pretty much blurred into one another. Tomorrow I have two more projects (of doom, natch.) to complete and then Friday? Friday is clear. Pretty much, anyway. I mean, it’s clear of the type of work that involves clients. It’s not free of the type of work that involves me sitting at my computer and desperately trying to catch up with everything I haven’t been able to do during the past few days, but still… plans are to a) clean my house b) walk my dog, and c) maybe head to the shops to buy some cheap sweaters, because hello May! Remember when you were warm? What happened to that?

Ever since my computer died and I was forced to switch to the laptop, I’ve been working in the living room. The problem with this is? Well, the ground floor of our house is open-plan, which roughly translates as "totally freaking freezing". Also: it’s been raining steadily for around about forty days and forty nights now, and the dampness, I feel it in my bones.

I hate the Scottish so-called summer. Hate it. I tend to feel the cold much more easily than other people, so while everyone else walks around in summer clothes regardless of the fact that it’s been raining forever, I’m forced to bundle up in every item of clothing I own, just to stay reasonably warm. It’s not a stylish look. Trust me. So I need to shop. And clean. And maybe then I’ll be able to find out what "normal" life is like!

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