A Bad Thing happened to my computer. We don’t know what the Bad Thing was, but the end effect is that I can no longer use the Internet with anything like ease. Every page I try to load just freezes and crashes, my cookies are not stored (which is really freaking annoying considering I now have to sit with a huge list of user names and passwords for all of the sites I frequent), and there are various other small but irritating things going on now.

It made me cry.

Not being able to use the Internet from it basically renders the computer useless to me. Although my writing is obviously done on Word, all of the research is done online, and I also write for a couple of sites where I upload the copy directly. Also: if I can’t access my blogs and discussion boards at least five times per hour, I will die.

But! But! All is not lost! Late last year Terry purchased himself a shiny new Sony Vaio for a consultancy job which turned out to be short lived. Guess who has the Vaio now? Did you guess “me”? You are right!

It has a wide screen and wireless Internet! It is pretty! Outlook isn’t working on it yet but hey… it is pretty! I still miss my desktop, though. I feel like I am cheating with it by gettin’ with the Vaio here in the living room while it’s sitting there all broken upstairs.

A sad day, indeed. (Pretty!)

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