Ipod_2 I know, I know, I am the last person in the world to have an ipod. The finances of a starving writer just don’t allow for the purchase of many gadgets, y’know – in fact, I’m thinking of sending Rubin out to work down the pit or something just so we can get some more stuff. For real.

For a long time I persuaded myself that I didn’t need an ipod. (And when I say "I persuaded myself", what I mean by that is "Terry persuaded me"). But the thing is, we have no stereo. I know! See how poor we are! I really wasn’ joking with the "pit" thing! Actually, that’s not true: I do have a stereo, but when we moved to this house I didn’t bring it with me, purely because there’s nowhere to put it.

Now, I know that as you read this you’re probably all, "No way do they not have space for a stereo, have you see the size of those things these days?" but it’s true. We live in a shoebox. If I’d brought the stereo with me, we’d have had to put it right slap in the middle of the living room floor and, y’know, that’s where we keep the alcohol…

Anyway, we have no stereo. But! But! We currently have four computers, (See – poor!Oh, the humanity.) all of which are loaded up with mp3s and Cd drives. So we were sorted, right? Well, not really, no, because the computers all live in the "office" and that’s pretty much where we live as well, so you can pretty much guarentee that when I want to listen to music, Terry will want to work, when Terry wants to listen to Meatloaf, I will want to kill myself, and so on.


So, long story short, I squweemed and squeemed until I was sick, and then Terry bought me an ipod. Why no, I’m not spoiled, what makes you say that?

I love my ipod. When I was installing the software it told me I had to choose a name for it, so I named it Sawyer. As soon as I got it, I realised that my life had been just crying out for white plastic-clad music. I’ve been busy loading my CDs onto itunes, and it’s like meeting up with old friends that you haven’t seen for years, but as soon as you see them you’re all, "OMG, I will never leave you again, little dudes!" My life, once again, has music in it. I am happy. And so is Rubin.

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  1. But lots of people don’t have Ipods. … I don’t have an Ipod! Just a glorious old PC loaded up with music, connected to a big old stereo.

    Seeing the picture: OK it was only a shuffle, but he’s a wealthy man.


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