After all the debate about what to wear…

…they made me sit on Terry’s back:

Amberterry Lookit how excited we are. Whee! We gotta kidney transplant and now we’re getting married! You wish you were us, you really do!

In other news of a photographic nature, we’ve also finally – FINALLY – booked a wedding photographer. Halleleuja. Also: we’re broke now.

Anyway. Must work.


  • Jen says:

    LOL…after all of that!!

    Anyway.Lovely photo, you two look so happy, you really do :-)

    And great news about having booked the wedding photographer!

    Jen x

  • Stephen says:


    Awww it *is* a nice picture though.

    Commiserations on the wedding photographer – I remember the sting in my wallet rond about that time. On the upside, at least you get to keep the photos forever. The cake, OTOH….

  • HB says:

    Lovely photo although in my own head, I could hear the caption, "When they offered me a kidney, I didn't realise it would still be attached to the donor"

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