…they made me sit on Terry’s back:

Amberterry Lookit how excited we are. Whee! We gotta kidney transplant and now we’re getting married! You wish you were us, you really do!

In other news of a photographic nature, we’ve also finally – FINALLY – booked a wedding photographer. Halleleuja. Also: we’re broke now.

Anyway. Must work.

  1. LOL…after all of that!!

    Anyway.Lovely photo, you two look so happy, you really do 🙂

    And great news about having booked the wedding photographer!

    Jen x

  2. Ironic.

    Awww it *is* a nice picture though.

    Commiserations on the wedding photographer – I remember the sting in my wallet rond about that time. On the upside, at least you get to keep the photos forever. The cake, OTOH….

  3. Lovely photo although in my own head, I could hear the caption, "When they offered me a kidney, I didn't realise it would still be attached to the donor"

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