Don’t Wanna Go to Work No More

GOD. It should be illegal to have to work when the weather’s as hot as this. In fact, when I rule the world it will totally be illegal, along with chewing gum, wearing white socks, walking really slowly round the shops and letting your children play in my garden. (WHY? For the love of God, WHY?)

It is hot, people. It is hothothot and also sunny, but do I get to enjoy any of this hot sunnyness? No. I do not. For the Huge Project O’Doom continues, and, in fact, seems likely to NEVER END, and so I sit here, trapped in a hot, stuffy office listening to the children playing in the street outside and being horribly reminded of this one time when I was ten and I got the mumps for FOUR WEEKS of the summer holidays. Gah.

Anyway, continuing with the theme of "we are old now, so we do boring things", and buoyed by the successful installation of the brown picket fence, Terry and I went to Ikea last night, on a fact finding mission. Facts we found:

  • We always think Ikea wardrobes are really cheap, but actually? Not so much.
  • We really want a red leather sofa.
  • We need a new kitchen and we need it now.
  • We can’t afford a new kitchen
  • Buy maybe we could redecorate the office?
  • Mmmmm, onion rings!

All of this was brought on by Terry, who has entered one of the overly-zealous-let’s-fix-up-the-house phases he enters into every so often. This week he’s all, "Hell, if I can put up a small fence, what’s to stop me building a conservatory? And an extension! I could knock down this wall in the kitchen and make an attractive loft-style apartment out of the ground floor of our semi-detached house. Look, there’s nothing to it! I bet I could kick it down with my feet right now!"

We will probably not go through with the knocking down of walls, because we’re the kind of people who come up with these ideas, talk about them obsessively for weeks and then abruptly forget all about them, but I think we might try and do something with the "office", which is a real state at the moment. I keep thinking that if we could just turn the "office" into a pleasant, calming working environment, it would perhaps make the Huge Project O’Doom that little bit easier, and I could maybe even stop putting inverted commas around the word "office" every time I write it. It would be exciting, though. Even though we’ve been running this business for over two years now, having a "proper", swanky office would make it all seem a bit more real, if that makes sense.

And if nothing else, it’s always an excuse to eat more Ikea onion rings.