I swear to God I must have done something really, really bad in a past life to justify the sheer, mindless torment I’m forced to endure in this one. No, really.

For the past three hours – that’s THREE HOURS, people – a child has been marching up and down our street, playing one shrill, headache inducing note on a…a tin whistle… (What the hell is a tin whistle? Am I making that up? It sounds like something old people would talk about…) EVERY THIRTY SECONDS. For three hours. Every thirty seconds for three hours we’ve been forced to listen to the aural equivalent of Chinese water torture. I want to die now.

I hate whistling. Hate it. I mean, this isn’t a tune that little Johnny is playing. Oh no. It’s just one, high pitched noise: the kind of sounds that makes your hair stand on end. A "nails down a blackboard" kind of noise. For three hours. Every thirty seconds. WHY? Why is he not bored with this already? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? I mean, even Terry, who didn’t notice the noise until I started ranting about it uncontrollably, has just said that if it doesn’t stop soon he will go out there and stick the tin whistle up the kid’s … well, anyway.

It is a well known fact that I don’t tolerate noise well. Tonight I’m wearing this outfit again:

At least it matches my blawg, though!Coordinating your accessories is SO important…

  1. You poor thing.Did it stop in the end?

    I think you should pay mummy tin whistle a visit and explain that it's noise pollution.And if it doesn't stop you're reporting them to the relevant authroity 😉

    Jen x

  2. Well, it started up again on Friday morning, and weirdly, it was Terry who decided he could stand it no longer! He went to little Johnny's mum and politely told her that the whistle was "driving him crazy now" and would she mind making it stop. And she did! Result for Terry – my hero!

  3. Woohoo.

    Well done that man.

    Goodness me, it's terrible it took Terry going round there for it stop, you'd think these people would realise how annyoing their kids are, wouldn't you? lol

    Jen x

  4. That sounds a bit like the two girls who live in my street that insist on having screaming contests to see who can scream loudest.

    I want to go outside and say "You know, when some nasty man kidnaps you, no one will come and help you because we'll just think you're playing your silly game.."

    My children will be better disciplined thats for sure.

  5. Ohmygod, Beth, do you live in my street? They do that "screaming competition" round these here parts, too. My mother would have smacked me for doing that, and said exactly what you've said above. And quite right, too.

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