I’m not going to lie to you. There is one reason and one reason only for this post. No wait, there’s two: to kill some time before Neighbours comes on (God, I’m like a student. I’m the girl who never grew up…) and to help me avoid the Project of Doom – a piece of copywriting so boring that in my efforts to avoid it last week, I did this:

Dscf2938 Yup, that’s our cutlery drawer. Lookit how tidy it is! And you know what? It still looks like that now. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner, to be honest.

Anyway, yes, Huge Project O’ Doom. How on earth will I motivate myself? I mean, money is always good I suppose, and at least I do get money for this. Unlike, say, the project I was “invited” to work on earlier this morning, in which lucky ole me would get to slave my little guts out churning out copy for someone, to be rewarded only with a share in the profits. Because I will totally want to give up my precious time and – ahem! – expertise, in the hopes that you have the ability to make your business successful. Oh yes I will, where do I sign up?

I think the implication implicit in this “invitation” was something along the lines of “If you say no to this then you must be a crap writer because if you were a good writer you’d have confidence in your ability to write words so powerful that we will all be millionaires this time tomorrow. Also: you suck.” I’m sure I’ll get over the blow to my ego, but seriously: I don’t walk into  shoe shops and say to the assistants, “Give me those shoes, I’ll pay for them if people say they’re nice.” (Note: ohmygod it would be GREAT if you could do that!) And anyway, good copy is only one part of creating a successful website. It’s of no use at all if the website doesn’t get traffic, and why should I trust this person to be able to promote it well enough, or even to have a product that people will buy?

Gah. I’ve said it before but I say it again: I work in exchange for money. MO.NEY. Nothing else.* And with that, my friends, it’s time for Neighbours…

*Except shoes.



  1. Displacement activities are so much fun.

    I once counted all my DVDs, CDs and books in an effort to avoid a particularly heinous piece of coursework.

    Loving the neatness of your cutlery draw!

    Good luck with the Project O’Doom!

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