Britney Spears Done Lost Her Mind

“Time travel…Is, like, that even possible? Cus, it’s like, I feel like some people can do that? And we’re gettin’ left behind?”


Uh, Britney? Sweetie? It’s time to stop taking the drugs now. Because you’re starting to make even K-Fed sound intelligent, and when that happens? That’s when it’s time to worry…


  • Erik says:

    I love it when celebs and politicians are caught in their natural state and without their publicists, speechwriters or PR people to direct them how to act. Even the seasoned Mel couldn't compose his plastered self when his keepers weren't around.

    I bet she's going to claim she was just "acting" stupid.

  • Love the new bloglook. But don't change the writing!

  • jen says:

    Shakes head sadly.Britney Britney Britney.What *are* you on?

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