Somebody Stop Me…

Champagne_champagne_7666914_m_2 These shoes are torturing me. When I first met seen them, they were £300, and that was OK, because, y’know, even I baulk at paying that kind of money for shoes. Even although they are the most beeeeoootiful shoes I ever did see, and if I bought them for the wedding I would totally wear them around the house, too. Every day.

Anyway, that was a few weeks ago. Now, though, I go back the site and I find that THE SWINES have reduced the shoes to £139, and, well, I still have that £30 credit on my credit card, so that makes them really only £109, and if I paid just £13.62 towards the balance every month from now until the wedding I would pay for them without even really noticing, which means FREE SHOES!

At the moment, the only thing stopping me is the sling back. It is pretty, but I suspect it would start to chafe after a while. (plasterswouldsolvethis) which would mean I’d spend the whole reception hobbling around unattractively (youcouldjustsitdownallnight) and that’s SO not a good look. OK, I think we’re good here. I think I’ve talked myself out if it. For now.

In other weddingy news (because I know you all care!), I tried on my dress again at the weekend and ohmigod, I just want to wear it all the time. I think after the wedding I will wear it around the house, too. With my shoes.

Eight months to go. Gulp.


  • jen says:

    Probably not what you need, a little red devil on your shoulder in the form of me, telling you to: buy buy buy,but seriously they are FAB!! Sooo purdy.

    And, if you wore them every day,they'd pay for themselves and then some.So you could definitely reason it like that!

  • jen says:

    Forgot to say: Ooooh, I'm all curious.what does your dress look like? And, I care very much btw, I love all things wedding-y :D

  • Amber says:

    Aaarghh, begone with you, evil temptress! But…but… you are RIGHT! They would totally pay for themselves, and also: would be an investement. Hmmmm.

    Re: the dress – it is a very simple little Vera Wang number (OMG! I have a Vera Wang wedding dress)… It still needs to have some alterations done, but when it's all finished I will make Terry promise not to look so I can post a picture….

  • jen says:

    I should have just kept quiet, shouldn't I? ;)

    And oh my goodness, you have a Vera Wang wedding dress????? Wow.You *have* to get Terry to promise not to look, I neeed to see a picture! :D

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