To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question…

It’s another one of those days folks, and by "those days" I mean "days when I look like my wardrobe mugged me because I totally have nothing to wear." GOD.

So, yeah, I totally have nothing to wear*. The waistband stretcher hasn’t arrived yet, so that’s one problem, but there is a problem greater even than this: it’s cold. Yes, as much as I would like to take Nikki from Big Brother over my knee and slap her repeatedly, I have to confess that I have one thing in common with her – we’re both very, very cold. I mean, now that the summer’s almost over, I’d happily start walking around in boots and thick sweaters. I’m not even joking. Unless the weather is absolutely boiling – and by "absolutely boiling" I mean, "so hot that people are totally complaining about how hot it is all the time, and also? Are dying from the heat." – I will be freezing. When I go to Florida – Florida, people – I take a sweater with me at all times, just in case it gets a little bit nippy.

So I’m cold. I’m really freaking cold, and if this is how cold I am in August, well, I can tell this winter is going to be a long one. Which brings me to a dilemma: should I buy a pair of Ugg boots? Witness:

Fd5_tall_chestnut_400x435_1 (Note: not actually Ugg brand Uggs, but as near as dammit)

I’ve always hated Uggs. I mean, lookit! They are fugly! But also: warm. And I think we’re going to be needing "warm" pretty soon. I actually mainly want them to wear in the house, because, let’s face it, I rarely go out, but also for walking the dog, and, I dunno, maybe running along a frosty beach, all rosy cheeked and windblown? Hmmm. I’m torn. Being warm/looking like a fashion victim, which way to jump?

Boot_slippers_3 I actually thought I had found the answer to my dilema, the answer being "boot slippers" – I swear I’m not making this up – from my new friend, The House of Bath. But I just don’t think I can do it. God, what a hellish dilemma. What to do?                        Boot slippers –>

In better news, Manny arrived today, and I’m pleased to announce that we have a winner in the "find Amber’s wedding shoes" competition. Here he is. (Also pictured: that bad fake tan job on my feet! Thanks, Johnston’s Summer Skin!)


*I also woke up this morning with an angry red "weal" under each eye. Lookin’ good!