It’s another one of those days folks, and by "those days" I mean "days when I look like my wardrobe mugged me because I totally have nothing to wear." GOD.

So, yeah, I totally have nothing to wear*. The waistband stretcher hasn’t arrived yet, so that’s one problem, but there is a problem greater even than this: it’s cold. Yes, as much as I would like to take Nikki from Big Brother over my knee and slap her repeatedly, I have to confess that I have one thing in common with her – we’re both very, very cold. I mean, now that the summer’s almost over, I’d happily start walking around in boots and thick sweaters. I’m not even joking. Unless the weather is absolutely boiling – and by "absolutely boiling" I mean, "so hot that people are totally complaining about how hot it is all the time, and also? Are dying from the heat." – I will be freezing. When I go to Florida – Florida, people – I take a sweater with me at all times, just in case it gets a little bit nippy.

So I’m cold. I’m really freaking cold, and if this is how cold I am in August, well, I can tell this winter is going to be a long one. Which brings me to a dilemma: should I buy a pair of Ugg boots? Witness:

Fd5_tall_chestnut_400x435_1 (Note: not actually Ugg brand Uggs, but as near as dammit)

I’ve always hated Uggs. I mean, lookit! They are fugly! But also: warm. And I think we’re going to be needing "warm" pretty soon. I actually mainly want them to wear in the house, because, let’s face it, I rarely go out, but also for walking the dog, and, I dunno, maybe running along a frosty beach, all rosy cheeked and windblown? Hmmm. I’m torn. Being warm/looking like a fashion victim, which way to jump?

Boot_slippers_3 I actually thought I had found the answer to my dilema, the answer being "boot slippers" – I swear I’m not making this up – from my new friend, The House of Bath. But I just don’t think I can do it. God, what a hellish dilemma. What to do?                        Boot slippers –>

In better news, Manny arrived today, and I’m pleased to announce that we have a winner in the "find Amber’s wedding shoes" competition. Here he is. (Also pictured: that bad fake tan job on my feet! Thanks, Johnston’s Summer Skin!)


*I also woke up this morning with an angry red "weal" under each eye. Lookin’ good!

  1. Oh my, oh my.The Manny's are eevry bit as gorgeous as you said they were!!! Sooooo purdy.You lucky girl, you.

    How on earth are you going to resist sneaking them on, once in a while??!!

    And re: UGGS. I share your pain, I too feel the cold even in the height of summer.So, I'd say, go for the uggs. They will be your friends.

    I once bought my mum a pair of slipper boots from M&S, and by god, are they snuggly.I will have to invest in some for myself.When I have money, natch.

    Anywhoo.Buy buy buy! Is my advice 😉

  2. Get the UGGS! Seriously.

    I gave in a few weeks ago after hating them for years and they are the best thing I have ever bought. They are so snuggly and feel like you're walking on little fluffy clouds. Plus I have now decided they aren't ugly as they are chunky enough to make my things look slim in comparison. (This is a good and rare thing)

    I can strongly recommend a company called Hartings in New Zealand- half the price of the UK boots even after you've paid for the shipping. Fantastic.

  3. Shiny, the Hartings ones are the very boots I'm thinking off! I would probably get the Hartings own brand rather than actual Uggs, though, just because they're less expensive and I really shouldn't be buying boots at all!

    Jen and Diane – you've made me want slipper boots too now, damn you!

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