Yeah, so the whole water challenge thing? That didn’t work out too good. In fact, I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I used the phrase "complete, unparalleled failure" here, because I’m looking at the bottle of water now and while the level is now down below the bottom of the label, that’s because Terry drunk most of it last night. (Terry + new kidney = a camel) I did manage to put away more than my fair share of coffee, though, and man, that was good.

What’s weird about all of this? Woke up this morning, spots are gone. We’re not so much with the "dewy" and the "fresh", but hey, I’m willing to settle for "not looking like a plague victim", thanks very much. I think I’ll give the water another shot today, though. Let’s not write it off just yet. I mean, if it has the power to vanquish spots in just a few sips, just imagine what it could do if I managed to drink all of it! And, y’know, I can totally work in the bathroom on my laptop, no really.


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