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A Note….

... to all of the people (the many, many people) who've been finding this blog lately after googling some variation of "worried that baby will be ginger" or "chances of having ginger haired baby" or "can Read more [...]

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Bowled Over

We’re going to a networking event next month through Business Buzz. It’s a bowling night. I’m not looking forward to it. Oh, it’s not the bowling I object to per se, or, indeed the networking (although Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... Oh man, wait till I tell you what I did last night! You will be, like, SO impressed! So, as y'all know, because they are as mad as fish, Amber and Terry like to confine me to Azkaban Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... Oh man, lookit what I got, I gotta PINK BOWL! Now, I know what yoos all are thinkin'. Yoos are all, "OMG he gotta SISSY GIRL BOWL!" Well, shows what yoos know, eh? Yeah, OK, personally Read more [...]

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