Every so often (well, every day, really. I have no life.) I like to take a look at the referrers to this site, and particularly the search terms people are using to find me. It’s a real education. Here’s a selection of the referrers I’ve had over the past couple of weeks, missing out all the boring ones (like ‘Forever Amber’, ‘Amber, Terry Rubin’ and things):

First pair of glasses
Eye brow dye
Red weals on face
Absolutely amber
Liam Gallagher favourite clothing
I fell off my bike
Calories in haribo sweets
"liam gallagher" fashion boots
hot weal watches
Why journalists hate PR
jury duty las vegas
"river island" Credit card payment doesn’t work
falling off exercise bike
called repeatedly for jury duty
neighbours from hell+photo
NOT Forever Amber
journalists writing about prostitution
bad things about computer
why do journalists turn to PR
the problem with Ikea
shoes shoesshoes oh my god shoes
hot weals
waistband stretcher
earplugs pounding bass car
white sneakers are bad
married to the mob + t-shirts
exercises for bad ankles
noise intolerance in gardens
liam gallagher’s hair
ginger mingers hair test
christian louboutin-wedding shoes
onion socks

It was looking like a pretty comprehensive thumbnail sketch of my life there, right up until I got to "Onion Socks". THE HELL? What are onion socks? When did I write about them? Do I have them? Whaaa….?

That aside, what can you tell about me from this list? Well, I like shoes, clearly (shoesshoesshoes ohmygod shoes!). I fall off my bike. And my exercise bike. I write about prostitution. (No! I really don’t! Unless by "prostitution" they mean "PR"?) I have noisy neighbours and don’t like that much, but art least I have the earplugs. I really admire Liam Gallagher, his hair and fashion sense. I have red weals on my face. And I wear "onion socks". Welcome to my world, people…

P.S. The person who found me after Googling "ginger mingers hair test"? Bite me.

  1. There must be something in the air, you and Jen (Retro Introspection) prompted me to check my stats. Never again. I don’t want to know that someone found my blog after looking for *dirty* and *philipino girls* in the same sentance. Euuw. I was talking about my cleaner.

  2. Oh God, now that's pretty worrying! Actually, I've noticed that my post about redheads has attracted quite a few searches of the "eeeew" kind lately. Not everyone likes redheads, but it seems that those who do, REALLY like us, if you know what I mean…

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