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Red Coat

Rubin writes... She made me wear the red coat. I could not BELIEVE it. Every single winter this happens. Every single winter. (Note: one winter it didn't happen but, it's like, who's counting? Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... Just to clarify here : I didn't know they were Amber's favourite shoes when I ate them. I didn't! I thought the last pair I ate were her favourite shoes? Who has two favourite pairs Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... So, growed me a set o' horns. Ya like? (note: there's still only just one of me, I just gave ya two pictures, so there's more of me to love) Now, I know what y'all are Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... I got a PINK DONKEY. A PONKY! Actually, I'm going to just come clean: I got TWO ponkies, and the reason I got two ponkies was that the first one... well, the first one was an IMPOSTOR Read more [...]

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FREE Rubin!*

Rubin writes... Dudes, Bob Dylan has wrote a song about me. This is my favourite bit: "Rubin could take a man out with just one punch But he never did like to talk about it all that much. It’s Read more [...]

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Feet Wheels

Rubin writes... OK, so I hesitate to mention this, but somethin's been buggin me. It's Amber. It's like, sure, she bugs me MOST of the time: take that as read. But lately...oh man... Lately every Read more [...]

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Pepeman Go Home

Rubin writes... The Pepe bit Amber. I couldn't BELIEVE it! "Pepe, man," I said, "the first rule of fight club is you NEVER bite Amber, for hers is that hand that feeds you." He was all, "hello, pretty Read more [...]

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