I put a spell on yoos…

Yeah, so this is NOT the Rubinman… I know y’all come here specifically to see the Rubinman, but, it’s like, he ain’t here. The Rubinman doesn’t dress up in stupid sissy Yoda clothes, no way man. No, this is… this is a WOLF speaking on his behalf. Yeah, a wolf. A wolf in Rubinman’s clothing. No, wait, NOT in Rubinman’s clothing – the Rubinman doesn’t HAVE clothing like this. Stupid ass wolf.

Anyway, Rubin would just like it to be known that if Amber and Terry ever DID buy a Yoda suit, and if they ever made Rubin WEAR that there Yoda suit, Rubin would bite both their bums. And also: if any of yoos are laughin’ at me him right now, he will bit all your bums too, every last of them, and don’t even think he wont.

Rubin A Wolf

  1. *dies laughing WITH ‘wolf’ (NOT at him.. wouldn’t want that kind of anger directed at me!)*

    Rubin, you are the coolest! I know you wouldn’t be caught dead in a Yoda suit.. but would you consider an Ewok suit? I mean, those were cool creatures and could kick some Empire butt! (just like you, of course, rubinwolfman)

  2. OHMYGOODNESS I’m going to have to plan a trip up to Scotland so I can dognap you, Rubin, how gorgeous do you look! Not just my second-favourite dog in the world, but my second-favourite dog in the world WEARING A YODA SUIT!

    It’s like I’ve died and gone to George Lucas’s heaven. Where on earth did you find it, Amber?!

  3. oh rubin, I am SO sorry that they did this to … some other dog who definitely isn’t you.

    I know the real rubinman would PEE IN THE DRINKS of anybody who even thought of dressing their dogs in yoda outfits!

  4. YES! I totally WOULD pee in their drinks! I am fierce, and not a Yoda-suit wearer. (Although, Erin, these Ewoks you speak of – I think I like them.)

    Bag Lady – COME AND GET ME. Before the Yoda suit strikes again!

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