One Ring to Rule Them All

Well folks, today the wedding planning took a massive leap forward as Terry and I went to the shops to pick up the boots I was having heeled and buy some Johnston’s Summer Skin, and walked out with our wedding rings.

Actually, that’s not quite true: we only walked out with one ring (Not The One Ring, you understand, just one ring. Although, that said, we did see some replicas of The One Ring, presumably for those having themselves a Lord of the Rings themed wedding…). Amazingly enough, they had my ring in the right size (this hardly ever happens because I’m an "I", and they almost never have that size in stock. Thanks, skinny fingers!) but Terry’s had to be ordered and will be with us in a few weeks.

I felt very grown up as I left the store. Very OMG WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Quite scary, in a way, but also pretty cool. My ring is very plain: because I have such stupidly small fingers, I decided I needed something very delicate, so it’s pretty much the narrowest band they had, white gold, with three small diamonds on the front. I’m a bit worried that it looks like a pretend wedding ring because it’s so tiny, but all of the thicker bands just made me look like I was wearing a knuckle duster.

Anyway, I know anyone can take a good, clear picture of their hands, so what I decided to do was take a crap, blurry one instead. You know how I like to be different! Here it is:


Also pictured: my desperately-needs-to-be-re-dipped engagement ring, which is sparklier in real life.

Terry’s ring is a bit more contemporary, but not so much that it will date, I don’t think. It’ll be here in a few weeks, and rest assured, I will bore you all rigid with that, too. Oh, and just while I’m on the subject of weddings, and at the risk of sounding like a complete blog whore (Which, actually? I sort of am, really) I will soon be writing all about my impending doom nuptials over at Bridalwave. Under six months to go….


  • Shiny says:

    Amber that's beautiful!

  • Amber says:

    Why thank you! I wish I could just leave it in its box, but I have to keep taking it out and looking at it…

  • Jen says:

    Oh Amber, it's stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! And how unbelievably exciting :D

    And I think we have the same size fingers-seriously! How freaky?! Because 'i' isn't exactly a common size, and I agree, total nightmare getting rings :(

  • Amber says:

    Thank you, Isabel and Jen! And yes, I is a terrible size: when Terry bought my engagement ring he had to get me a J because they didn't have the right size, and we were going on holiday (where he proposed!). The day after he gave me it we had to head straight to Wal-Mart to buy one of those little plastic things that you clip onto too big rings, so that I could wear it. (Well, I couldn't possibly leave it in the box :) )

  • Diane says:

    Oh your wedding ring is gorgeous! (The engagement one is lovely too, but the wedding one looks so new and shiny…)

    I feel wedding-y as am off to a wedding tomorrow! Well, leaving today… I know 3 other people going to weddings tomorrow, too- maybe it's a phenomenon…

  • Amber says:

    Thanks Diane :) It is very new and sparkly – I didn't realise just how badly my engagement ring needs cleaned until I saw it next to the lovely newness!

    Enjoy the wedding!

  • Polly says:

    I think it is beautiful Amber. I only like chunky jewellery if it is costume. *Real* jewellery should be delicate. Lovely.

  • Amber says:

    Thanks, Polly :) And I think you're right about the chunky – if I'm going to be wearing it every day, best to keep it simple, I suspect…

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