Thing One:
Terry’s wedding ring arrived today. As with my own wedding ring I decided to take a very blurry picture of it for you. Here it is:


Them’s two little diamonds you can (just about see), the rest is white gold, same as mine. It’s really lovely, and just a shame that I can’t seem to get a decent picture of it.

Thing Two:
We did something pretty unforgiveable to Rubin today:


Better picture and Rubin’s comments are at his blog…

  1. Excellent! Poor Rubinman.
    Btw, ring looks lovely. Have you tried shooting it in macro mode? Switch the flash off as well if you can and shoot it in a bright place.

  2. Thanks Katie – will have another go with the ring, I suspect natural daylight will probably be a better bet for taking pics of it!

    Dave, I'm just about to take a look at the widget now 🙂

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