Ugg Update

Fashionistas: look away now. What I have to show you here today ain’t pretty, and I mean that literally.

So, you remember this entry? In which I wondered aloud and at length about whether or not I should buy a pair of Ugg boots?  Well, the argument raged long and weary. "Sure," I thought, "Ugg by name, Ugg(ly) by nature, but it’s cold here, so, so cold, and you know what would be nice? Some toasty warm boots with fleecy, furry stuff in the inside, that’s what!" Then yesterday it was so cold that I had to turn the heating on and wear all of my clothes at the same time, so my mind was pretty much made up for me.

No, I did not buy Uggs. I bought these instead:


These? Slippers, people. But! But! Not just any old slippers – SLIPPERS THAT LOOK LIKE BOOTS! I am mighty pleased with myself. And yes, OK, they’re not exactly the most stylish footwear in my collection, but you live through a Scottish winter then try telling me these aren’t crazy warm and also: cosy! And for £12, who can really argue?

Of course, as soon as I bought the furry slippers, the sun came out. I actually had to open the sunroof on the way home from the shops and

***Insert panicked pause while Amber realises that, why, she can’t remember closing that sun roof! Just talk amongst yourselves while I go and check****

when I got home and decided to take the dog for a walk I had to first of all REMOVE MY JACKET and second of all ALSO REMOVE MY THICK WINTER SWEATER. Er, hello, October? Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving your work here, but I have an entire wardrobe full of boots, sweaters and cute little woolen dresses to wear, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, furry boots. And shopping. Well, today was the day I had set aside to take myself down to the shops and splash some of the (pitifully small) amount of cash I have spare every month on some new winter (ahem!) clothes. Naturally, then, someone had called ahead to let the shops know I was on my way, so by the time I got there they’d managed to clear the racks of anything nice, leaving me with just a big ol’ heap o’crap to sift through. (Incidentally? I’m pretty sure it’s Terry with the "phoning ahead" thing. I mean, he’s the one who benefits when I fail to buy clothes, isn’t he?)

It was all very disappointing. New Look didn’t have ONE SINGLE PAIR of shoes in my size. Not one. (Well, OK, they did have one pair, but they were in the children’s section, and they were just a boring pair of gold ballet flats. I mean, obviously I bought them anyway, but SO not worth writing home about. Even although I kind of just did. Oops.) I was so disappointed that as soon as I got home (And after tearing the furry boots from the jaws of Rubin, who clearly thought they were stuffed toys for him. Oh, the shame.) I immediately hit up eBay and bought some YSL False Lash Mascara. So, I may have absolutely nothing to wear except for a pair of furry boots, but God, I’ll have great eyelashes. Small mercies and all that.

Oh, and the sunroof was closed, by the way. Not as stupid as I look, me!


  • Diane says:

    But where from- the slippers? (Can't speak, too cold…)

  • Amber says:

    Oh, they’re from Barrats, no less. £12. Total bargain, and to hell with the fact that I look like a Yeti…

  • Jen says:

    I LOVE them!!!! I have to have them!!!

    God they look so snuggly! Have they had their maiden “voyage” yet? ;)

    Barratts here I come hehe….

    And, ohhh, I can not wait until I can go buy clothes. And make up. And clothes…


  • Shiny says:

    My friends four year old took one look at my UGGs and asked why I was wearing my slippers outside the house.
    I wished I’d saved my £90 and been to Barratts instead.

  • Amber says:

    Jen – but of course! I'm wearing them right now, and they are oh-so snuggly and warm.

    Shiny – lol! I'm actually still very tempted by real Uggs, or at least by the Hartings version. These are so comfortable I don't want to take them off…

  • Jen says:

    Amber-I've just bought YSL false Lash.

    It's amazing,think you're going to very impressed!!

  • Erin says:

    Aww, I saw those cosy slippers in the Greenock store the other day, but my fiance (evil man!) vetoed them :((((( But that said, I do have two pairs of Uggs -light pink (which I never wear.. stupid dirt loves them.. know how to dye UGGS black?) and some purdy purple ones :)

    But now that my love for those uggs has been re-ignited, I might have to sneak out while the fiance's at work and hide them under my bed for a month, so I can say 'I've had them forever.. no, really!' when I wear 'em *gggg*

    ps. I nearly died laughing reading Rubinman last night :) Give him a cuddle from me! :))))

  • Amber says:

    Ah, Erin you do the "What, these old things? No, I've had these for months!" thing too? I'm so glad it's not just me :)

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