If you are one of the many who woke up this morning and thought to yourself, “God, I wish I knew what was inside Amber’s handbag!” I bring glad tidings: your wish has been answered over at The Bag Lady.

(Also pictured: Rubin, who, I should stress, does not actually form part of the contents of my handbag…)

  1. I WANT THAT BAG!!!!!!! (yes, it does require that many exclamation marks 😉 )

    It's gorgeous Amber.
    Lovin' the wallet too.

    I am so nosy, love knowing what's in people's bags lol.

  2. I'm with Jen – love knowing what other people lug around with them.

    Rubin really is very cute. Theres something about the look on his face that says "So let me get this straight, you're more interested in whats in that bag than in me?"

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