Wordcount Watch

Well, The Novel is currently sitting at around 6,000 words, and, amazingly, I’ve so far managed to keep my "I will write every day!" promise ALL WEEK. Well, except for Friday and Saturday, but hey, it was the weekend, cut me some slack here. Of course, as good as 6,000 words sounds, it’s actually a bit of a tragedy, because when I started last week, it was 30,000 words long. So really, I guess I’m on -24,000 words. Ah well.

Anyway, speaking of novels (see the seamless transition there? I mean, you can TOTALLY see why I fancy myself as a novelist, can’t you?), this week is Buy a Friend a Book Week, so you should all head over to Trashionista, which is edited by my lovely Shiny colleages, Diane and Keris and feast your eyes on all of the goodies on offer – guest blogs by chick-lit authors, signed copies of books to win and lots of other totally fab things.

And while I’m doing a bit of a plug-athon, Linda of Passionate Blog has started another blog (yes, she’s a busy lady) to showcase her fiction writing, so go and take a look at that too.

I better go and write now, hadn’t I?


  • Diane says:

    well done!! quality over quantity…

    and appreciate the plug! :)

  • Linda says:

    That is very kind of you to mention that site Amber, thanks but with hand on heart it's a bit shit really. I'm not really telling people about it but when I have time I hope I can add to it. It's just work and life and going to bed with a book keep getting in the way. Not to mention sitting in traffic in Stoke. I mean, Stoke. Euwwuwuw.

  • Jen says:

    Woo go you! 6,000 words is very very commendable indeed.

    You need to have a system in place whereby you treat yourself to a new bit of BeneFit make up everytime you do, say, 6,000 words ;)

    It’s totally what I’d do!

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