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Bah, Humbug

Well, folks, it's less than a month until Christmas - let the fun begin! (And by "Let the fun begin" I mean, "Let Terry and I begin hemorrhaging money as we frantically try and stockpile random pieces Read more [...]

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Old Skool Amber

Remember that novel I was writing? Yeah, it would be good if I'd actually done that, wouldn't it? Why, I could be sitting here with a book deal and an agent right now, but instead? Well, instead I'm sitting Read more [...]

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Haircut 100

So, I got my hair cut today. I'd show you a picture, but actually? You can just look at any one of the pictures on this here blawg, and that'll give you a pretty good idea what I look like because my hair, Read more [...]

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Glass Houses, Much?

Remember The Perfect People I whined wrote about last week? Well, it turns out I'm not quite done with them yet. In fact, one of them emailed me this morning. Here's a perfect example of the kind of thing Read more [...]

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