If I Had a Brain, I’d Be Dangerous

What I meant to write this afternoon, on a post at TV Scoop:

"MediaWatch-UK, the TV watchdog founded by Mary Whitehouse, is up in arms about a documentary on moors murderess Myra Hindley…"

What I actually wrote:

"MediaWatch-UK, the TV watchdog founded by Myra Hindley, is up in arms about a documentary on moors murderess Mary Whitehouse…"


Don’t worry: I noticed it just as soon as my finger hit p"ost". Hi, potential clients who are reading this! Want to pay me money to blog for you?! And also: Hi, Friday night, how yoo doin’? Is it time for wine, yet? Will we get some anyway?

It’s time for wine, folks. Cheers…

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  • Reply November 11, 2006


    Back in the days when no-one was watching, a favourite teen computer magazine of mine described Myra Hindley as "one-time children's entertainer"

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