Woo hoo! Got me a domain, people. Got me www.foreveramber.co.uk, so now my blawg is all professional, like. *Snort*

Anyway, now that I have my shiny new domain, I will probably be absent from it for a few days, because I? Am having one hell of a week. Two commissions from The Scotsman (both of them big ‘uns, 1500 words +), three article commissions from my insurance company client, two from my lovely gift site client, plus all of my blogging, all to do by Monday. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend, then! (Did you guess “Working like a slave, whilst beating off PR people with a stick? You guessed right! Go to the top of the class!)

Just to add to the fun, at the start of this week, The Bank of Scotland decided to randomly freeze my personal account, because they’d had some marketing literature returned to them, and this led them to the conclusion that I am currently masterminding some huge bank heist thingy. Let’s hope they don’t give up the day job and go into detective work, eh? (Actually, let’s hope they do give up the day job. I mean, they’re not really very good at it, are they now?)

When I called them about this, they were, of course, very apologetic, and said that it was absolutely not my fault but that I’d need to haul ass all the way down to the bank to prove my identity, or they would continue to go with the “master bank robber” theory. This made me freak out a little bit, because, seriously, I am SO STRESSED right now that the thought of having to take even ONE MINUTE out of my day to get myself down there to prove my innocence was intolerable to me. Long story short (“Phew!”, I hear you say), I put Terry on the case, and the bank manager will be coming to visit us personally at 3pm today to verify that I am who I say I am. Think I will make sure I am wearing a stocking over my head when he arrives…

Anyway, the moral of this story is that the Bank of Scotland? Are idiots. Don’t open an account with them, even if they offer you money.

Oh, and last night, one of Terry’s clients called us at 00:30. Half. Past. Midnight. Angry? Doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to that

  1. Good God to both: The Bank of Scotland saga, and a client ringing at half midnight. Seriously? Are they on a totally different planet? Unbelievable.

    But, sorry, lmao at the thought of you wearing a stocking over your head!!

    Congrats on the domain-yey go you!! And also? Good luck. Really…I don't envy you that work load. Ok, actually,I do, it means you actually have comissions whereas I have? not a lot really ;)lol.

    Jen x

  2. I know! I couldn't believe it (the client) – they tend to phone us morning, noon and night anyway, but that's the first time they've actually called us in the middle of the night…

    Gah to the bank, too. Stopping access to my account because their stupid marketing literature was returned to them undelivered. And what are the post office doing with my mail?!

  3. Hi Amber, well done on the commissions. The Scotsman sounds such a good title to be writing for, I always think.

    Now I am going to launch into a useless personal recollection – they "interviewed" me years back – I was interpreting for a Russian trade unionist on a speech giving tour of Scotland. (Seems incredible to me these days but never mind.)

    We met the reporter in a press club in Edinburgh I seem to recall but my nerves at the prospect of getting something completely wrong so the poor bloke would be entirely misquoted may be clouding my memory. Still, happy days! I was just delighted to have escaped from Wolverhampton Poly!

    Take it easy and enjoy the work.

    Good day.


  4. Linda, you speak Russian? I am constantly in awe of your talents! I mean, most of the time I struggle with English 🙂

    I do know that fear of misquoting feeling well, though. I have let my (always shaky at the best of time) shorthand slip to a horrible extent now that I spend most of my time copywriting/blogging, so I live in fear of making some terrible mis-translation of the squiggles…

  5. There are about two words left I can do in shorthand, plus an attempt at anything beginning with 'com…'

    I have to go back the second the phone goes down and write in what they said above my squiggles.

    My notes are a mix of my own secret code and appalling shorthand. A hundred wpm seems a lifetime ago! Too many years sat on my arse at a newsdesk telling other people what to do.

    Controversially for some, I end up reading most of what I write back for fear of upsetting the interviewee – but when the story is 'I married my daughter's lover' or 'my Xmas hangover was triplets' (yes really) it is best to check, I suspect.

    Oh and being as you asked (thank you) yes I can speak Russian (very badly but with all swear words in place) my course at poly was languages and I had three months at university in Leningrad as it was then. I went back years later to work on a paper and loved it, I lasted 12 months and came back with shaking hands and scabies. But in the meantime I'd become editor of the paper, started freelancing and helped launch an arts paper.

    Hope that's okay to mention, now I'm knackered and middle aged I like to remember this stuff! Even the scabies – didn't go down too well at my mate's wedding where I was bridesmaid.

    Sorry if too much information. I'm going now as have a lot to do. 🙂

    Good day.

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