Hello! For Christmas I got 2,325 spam emails – lookit!



As well as the spam emails, I got lots of lovely clothes, lots of lovely smelly things for the bath, and lots of lovely money – yay! I will now shock you all to the core by revealing that I am mostly planning to spend said money on lots of lovely makeup for my wedding, because that’s what happens when you’re shallow and also: ugly.

I ate way, way more than a human being should reasonably try to eat, drank a lot of bubbly (and also: cocktails), and, in short, a good time was had by all. Now I’m deleting the spam, playing with the new spam filter that was an emergency purchase as soon as we got home this afternoon, and preparing to have a bath with all my new bath things. Love you, Christmas!

Also: my dad and I stupidly neglected to co-ordinate our gift buying this year, which resulted in us both buying my mum the new Bill Bryson book. Guess who just unpacked her overnight bag (we’ve been staying with my parents since Christmas Eve) and discovered that she’d brought both copies home with her? (Clue: it was me) Sorry, mum. Looks like you won’t be getting to relax with a good book tonight after all. On the plus side, though, I will totally enjoy my relaxing bath!

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    I haven’t checked my email since before Christmas. I’m too afraid. Anything important will show up in voicemail.

    Love the site…

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