Freaky Friday

Today? Sucks. Doesn’t today just suck? Oh, it probably doesn’t suck for you, of course! No, you are probably having a lovely half day, all filled with the spirit and joy of Christmas. Lucky you! I, on the other hand? Well, I reckon I have a good eight hours work still ahead of me, as I struggle feebly to find fashion-news type things to write about on this most un-fashion-newsy of days. Go me!

Christmas presents: bought and wrapped, THANK GOD
House: like a total tip, a TIP I tell you
Work: unfinished, and, indeed, unstarted
Mojo: well and truly lost

In happier news, I decided to cheer myself up a little bit by ordering some £12 shoes from the ASOS sale. This is them:


Aren’t they pretty? Say they are petty…

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  • Reply December 22, 2006


    Yay, you chose red! :D

    My ASOS stuff arrived today, and lovelovelove it, I do!

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