I’m stressed. For reasons unknown to either of us (maybe we are just brilliant?), this month has been our best month ever, business-wise. Everything else-wise? Not so hot, really. The workload has been such that everything else has had to fall by the wayside. My house is filthy. My dog is unwalked. I’ve even been putting the laundry away UN-IRONED, people, and if you knew me, you’d know how very bad that is…

On Friday, as I snatched a spare five minutes to sweep the floors whilst simultaneously planning out an article IN MY HEAD, I had a thought. Yes, I sometimes get them. "You know what would be the very worst thing that could happen right now, barring death or serious illness?" I asked myself. "Why, a great big fat newspaper commission, for how would I find the time to do it?"

That afternoon, just as I was about to switch on the answer phone and drink a bottle of whiskey, the phone rang. Yes, it was a big fat newspaper commission, folks, HOW WILL I FIND THE TIME?!

I will find the time. I’ll just have to stop sleeping or something, but I will do it. And at least by the end of the week, Celebrity Big Brother will be over, which will give me some more time. Ah yes, Celebrity Big Brother, otherwise know as "the bane of my life right about now". You see, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start a Big Brother Blog. "I will start a Big Brother blog!" I thought. "Because that won’t be time consuming at all!" How wrong I was.

Big-Blogger launched at the start of January. I did absolutely nothing to promote this blog, other than adding links in the sidebars of my existing blogs to let Google find it and index it. Well, Google did. While the traffic hasn’t been huge (at its best, it’s had about 500 uniques per day), the controversy it’s stirred up has been. To date, I’ve been accused of inciting violence against Jade Goody. I’ve been accused of "sloppy thinking" (well, duh!) and told that the only reason I spoke out against the bullies in the Big Brother house was because I want to "go along with the pack". I’ve had the traditional, "OMG, you call yourself a journalist but you made a TYPO!"  comment. In the words of dear Mermaid (who was too scared to use her real name when she criticised me), it’s been "very odd".

That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed it, of course, because I have. It’s always surprising to see how strongly people can react to bloggers, though. It’s sometimes difficult to take a step back from the keyboard, repeating, "Do not take it personally, do not take it personally, do not take it personally". Sometimes I struggle with that, a bit. Coming from a newspaper background, it can be be "very odd" to put yourself into an arena where, when criticism comes, it comes instantly and vehemently. An arena where people delight in pointing out even the smallest typo (because, they, of course, are perfect people). It can be very, very odd.

Great, though. But odd.

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