And February was so long that it lasted into March…

Right, that’s it, I’m writing off February. It’s OK, really: I mean, February is always a bit of a write-off anyway, but this year? This year is a doozy, for no sooner had I filed the copy for Huge Project O’Doom Number One, leaving me with only HPODs 2 and 3 to deal with, than I get commissioned for… go one guess! Did you guess “a huge Project O’ Doom”? Congratulations, you guessed right! There seems to be some weird law that states I must never have any less than three HPODs on my plate at any one time, GOD. I cannot even explain how stressed I am at this point. I’m seriously not joking when I say I haven’t cleaned my house in three weeks now. Or, you know, LEFT my house much. My deadline for HPOD3 is February 28th. Thirty one days after that? I get married. MARRIED. Yes, folks, there’s less than two months to go now until the wedding. I really should start planning that, shouldn’t I?

Of course, I have been doing SOME amount of wedding planning. Of course I have.

Things I have done to plan the wedding:
– Ordered almost every piece of makeup Benefit make. Yes, I am officially Benefit’s bitch, and I? LOVE IT.
– Bought shoes for the honeymoon

Things my mum has done to plan the wedding:
– Everything else.

So, yes, thanks mum! You rock! I suck, but it’s totally not my fault because OH MY GOD THE STRESS. I mean, last night Terry and went out for our Valentine’s Day dinner, purely because it was the only window of opportunity we had, there being no chance AT ALL that I will be able to leave the house, or even my computer, again until March now. So, yes happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Hope your February’s better than mine…

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