Well hello there, didya miss me? No posts for a whole week: why, it’s almost as if my impending wedding made me freak the hell out, and I spent EIGHT ENTIRE DAYS googling the phrase "mirror mirror on the wall, who will be the prettiest bride of them all?" and wondering whether I’ll fall over in my dress (answer: probably), isn’t it?

Well that’s not what happened, so you can all stop looking at me like that RIGHT NOW. No, this is what happened to stop me blogging:


Yes, those are my shoes. Aren’t they pretty? Say they are pretty. The problem with my shoes? Well, see, that’s not all of my shoes. Not even close. That is, however, all of the storage space available to them. (Actually, I tell a lie: there’s one of those dangly shoe-storage things in the office, and an Ikea shoe thingy in the porch, but those don’t count because the shoes in there are totally my B-list shoes. Urgh.) You can see my dilemma here, can’t you?

Don’t worry, though, I haven’t spent the entire eight days worrying about this. No, some of the time has been spent worrying about how on earth I’m supposed to fit all of my clothes into one three wardrobes. How did they fit in there before I started cleaning? Where will any new clothes I buy live? Why is our house so stupidly small? And hey, did the council cleaning van just CLEAN AWAY MY BROWN PICKET FENCE or did I imagine that? (Note: I did not imagine it. The council actually swept away part of our poor fence as they cleaned the street. That fence? Doomed. Doomed, I tells ya…) Other things I have done in the past eight days:

  • Completed all Projects of Doom. Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!
  • Watched Terry repaint the entire house – or start to, anyway. He’s not quite done yet, and he’s not getting out to play until he is.
  • Cleaned most of the house, which will obviously have to be cleaned again after the painting
  • Shopped.
  • I totally thought there were more things to put on this list but nope, obviously not. Ah well…

So, basically I’ve been putting my affairs in order, which makes me sound like I’m dying, but I’m not. (Well, not that I know of, anyway. I did have a suspected brain tumor earlier this week, and also a malignant melanoma, but that’s quite a good week for a hypochondriac…) This frenzied activity has been mostly inspired by the wedding (it’s that whole "fresh start, let’s clean the house" thing. As you can imagine, I’ll be lots of fun to be married to) but it really needed to be done. Next up: the cleaning of the office. Now I bet you can’t wait for me to report back on that, can you?

  1. Hoooooooooooooooooly shit. That’s a *lot* of shoes.

    All of a sudden, Terry has a whole new level of sympathy from me… ;+)

  2. Trust me Stephen that is only 20% of the shoes she owns. I mean she hasn't even included her pink flowery wellingtons!

    There are four fitted wardrobes in the house and my clothes take up around 15% of that entire space.

  3. Have had similar dilemmas recently with books, bric-a-brac, videos and tapes. Not so much with clothes and shoes, as some of them have been in my wardrobe so long they've gone yellow! Geez. Whole lot of empty wardrobe space, suddenly. Time for new dresses!

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