Marching On (Ho Ho!)

So, that thing I said about having finished all of my Projects of Doom for the month? Scratch that. Actually, my life just seems to be one huge, endless P.O.D at the moment: no sooner is one finished than another one comes along to take it’s place. Damn.

The most recent project isn’t really a P.O.D., to be fair. It’s a 1200 word feature, and the deadline isn’t until next Monday, but between now and then I also have to think obsessively about the wedding, examine my face for evidence of incoming spots, think some more about the wedding and… well, you can see how the time fairly slips away, can’t you? Of course it doesn’t help that everyone I meet says, “Ooh, not long now! I hope you don’t get one of your Second Head spots just before The Big Day, because that would suck!” (Well, they don’t say that exactly, but THAT’S WHAT I HEAR. Oh yes.)

Anyway, I’d love to write more on this fascinating subject but … I can’t be bothered. Here, have a Rubinman update instead…

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