It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, which is as good an excuse as any, I think, for me to post this picture of me and my mum, which is one of my favourite photos in the whole world ever:


Yes, those are live monkies we’re holding. It was the olden days, okay, you were totally allowed to stand around clutching tiny clothed monkeys to your chest, so we totally did. I love the way my mum is cradling her monkey carefully, like the precious little living being it is, while I have just stuck mine under my arm with a “Yeah, it’s a monkey. SO?” expression on my face. Ah, those were the days…

Happy Mother’s Day, mum. Sorry I couldn’t get you a monkey.

  1. There’s a snap somewhere of me clutching a lion cub. If my expression seemed disappointed, it was because they told me I was going to have my photo taken with a lion.

  2. You can still get photo oppertunities like that if you look hard enough. I have had my photo taken holding a caiman- and that was in 2014. Definitely *not* the olden days!

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