Red (Weal ) Alert!

There’s just six days to go until the wedding folks, and guess what I got this week? Yes, that’s right, I got me some RED WEALS. Aaargh! You remember my red weals, don’t you? They were the huge, ugly ass red marks that appeared underneath my eyes last year… I finally concluded that they were being caused by my beloved Touche Eclat concealer, so I stopped using it and the weals went away. Until now.

This week, you see, the red weals have come back, and they’re back with a bit of a twist, the twist being that they’re now appearing both underneath and above my eyes. More specifically, two eyes have red weals above them, one eye also has an attractive, puffed-up red weal underneath it, too. With less than a week left until my wedding, this is obviously really handy, isn’t it?

I’m freaking out a bit here, to be honest. And in answer to the questions I just know you all will be asking: no, I have not been using any different products recently. No, I have not changed my skincare routine. Yes, it does seem like I must be allergic to something, why yes it does! BUT WHAT? For the love of God, what is making my eyes go all red like this, and, more importantly, HOW DO I STOP IT?!

Well, first things first: I am not wearing any makeup. I’m a complete makeup free zone here, and this means that I also won’t really be going out of the house much this week because oh my God, I look scary without makeup. The weals must away, though, and as I don’t have time to try and eliminate things that could be causing them one at a time, I’m just going to have to eliminate everything, all at once. This completely sucks, as you can imagine. I mean, I’m sitting here looking like someone punched me hard in the face, and then I sat up all night crying over it, and trust me, this is SO not the look I was planning on having for the wedding.

Gah. Gah, gah and thrice gah. And also: I wonder what will go wrong on the other five days?