Three Sleeps to Go

Weal Watch:

The weals are still in situ, but every day brings them a little closer to normality, and I have everything crossed that they will have disappeared completely by Saturday. Oh please, God, let them have disappeared completely by Saturday…

When I woke up this morning and saw the diminished status of the weals, however, I was so overjoyed that I picked up Rubin and placed him on the bed for a quick game of “Rubin tries to lick Amber’s face”. “Great, the weals are almost gone,” I thought joyfully – just as Rubin scratched my eyeball with his sharp little claw. Doh. I should totally be placed inside some kind of bubble for my own protection. Who do I speak to about that, I wonder?

Wedding Watch:

Things all seem to be going to plan with the wedding preparation so far (red weals aside, obviously), which means that something will probably go dramatically wrong¬† in the next couple of days. We visited the venue for the last time tonight and everything was looking good. I meanwhile, am starting to get a little bit nervous, although still mostly excited. Last night’s dream: it was the day before the wedding and both of my shiny new veneers dropped off, plus one of my other teeth. Weirdly, Terry (who has no veneers), dreamt almost exactly the same thing. (I also dreamt that Sky and Elle from Neighbours were having a lesbian affair, but I don’t think that had anything to do with the wedding…)

Also: at about 3am this morning, I leapt screaming from the bed and slammed the light on, shouting to Terry to GET OUT OF THE BED NOW because it was FILLED WITH CRABS, OMG! It took him a good five minutes to calm me down and convince me that there were no crustaceans in the bed. After that, sleep didn’t come easy, let me tell you…