(No, it’s not another entry about the wedding. Yes, there will be more entries about the wedding, though. Sorry.)

As amazed as I am to report it, the Blogosphere (yes, I hate that word too. Why am I using it, then? Who knows!) did not grind to a halt while I was off getting married and buying up half of Zara honeymooning. In fact, not only did the blogosphere continue to exist, but it did GROW! Yes, the lovely people at Shiny Media grew another blog. It’s called Dollymix and it’s the blog written for and by intelligent women, and also: me.

I’m currently down to write two columns a week for Dollymix, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (note to self: oh crap, that means there’s one due tomorrow, doesn’t it?) and will be doing odd (probably very odd, knowing me) bits and pieces here and there too. So far you can read my mutterings on being childfree, getting married (did I mention I got married recently? Would you like to see some photos?) being a redhead (yes, that old chestnut. I mean, ginger) and also: what I would do if I was Queen. (I should SO be Queen…). If you’re sick of me (and I certainly am), there’s also lots of lovely columns from the likes of Linda Jones and my other Shiny friends, so go and read them and that’s an order.

Other things I’ve done since coming back from honeymoon:

  • Looked obsessively at the wedding pictures
  • Bought a whopping great garden shed and garden furniture, because now that we’re an old married couple, we’re all about the garden. Ahem.
  • Played with the Nintendo Wii three of our guests very generously bought us as a wedding present. (And let me tell you, I love the Wii. Love it. When I go to sleep at night? I can still hear the theme tune from Wii Sports playing in my head, I really can.)
  • Slept. Quite a lot, actually.
  • Looked at the wedding pictures again.
  • Filled in a credit card application (no, mum, I am not getting more debt, I’m just getting a better interest rate) and gave my marital status as "married"
  • Ummm…. I was sure I’d done other things, but actually? I haven’t.

Things I have not done:

  • Anything to do with the garden because GOD, I hate gardening
  • Sorted out the thank you cards – it is next on the ‘To Do’ list, honestly
  • Any kind of work other than blogging

So, yes. Better do some actual work then…

  1. Our Wii should be arriving tomorrow and I am so excited about it.

    My sister and her boyfriend came to stay over Easter and bought theirs with them…. my God it is addictive! I ended up with three pulled muscles in a new type of sporting injury I christened Wii Arm.

  2. I love your child free article. That exactly sums up my experience with people when I tell them that I don’t want children and the whole ‘selfish’ thing is absolutely hysterical, that’s my best argument

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