Bigbrothereye_2_2_2 Tonight is a very important occasion in the McNaught-Miaoulis social calendar, people – it’s the start of Big Brother 8. Why yes, we are that sad, thanks for asking!

The pizza is in the freezer. The wine is in the fridge. (Well, actually, the wine is in a box on the kitchen worktop, but don’t look at me like that, I’m having a poor month, OK?) We are in an absolute frenzy of excitement, which will probably last at least until Friday, when we’ll realise that, "Hey, this kind of sucks, doesn’t it?", but will keep watching anyway because, well, that’s we do around here.

To keep this blog free of my Big Brother related ramblings, I will once again be blogging the series over at Big-Blogger. Last time I tried blogging about Big Brother I got all kinds of abuse from the visitors to the site, which kind of makes me wonder why I keep on doing it, but don’t let that stop you popping over and taking a look. Just try and keep the abuse to a minimum if you can, OK?

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