Coppertonecontinuousspray Because I’m a redhead, my skin is naturally a pale blue colour. It would probably turn white  after a few hours or so of tanning, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never tried. Sunburn is bad for you, kids, and don’t you forget it?

During the summer, then, I never go out without at least SPF 30 slathered all over my body. The problem with this? Well, most high factor sunscreens tend to be thick, gloopy and white. You have to wait an hour for them to absorb before you can even think about getting dressed, and most of them are so white they just make me look even paler than I was when I started. (Which is a pretty tall order, let me tell you). Even when I do wait for the sunscreen to absorb, I invariably end up with streaks of the stuff all over my nice white t-shirts and other clothes – and just in case you were wondering, that stuff ain’t never coming out.

Enter Coppertone’s Clear Continuous Spray

I really want to try this.

a) Because it’s a spray, which usually makes it a helluva lot easier to try than the usual, gloopy creams I usually end up with.

b) Because it’s clear – so no paler-than-pale face and body because of it. So far so good.

c) Because it’s got a “no rub” formula. Yes, I’m lazy.

d) Because it’s cheap – $9.99 at Walgreens makes it more than half what I pay here in the UK for my sunscreens.

So, has anyone tried it? What did you think?

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  1. Yeah, I have tried that. Its great and it goes on so much faster than th lotion kind. I was at the beach a week, used that the entire time, and managed not to get sun burnt and to get a little tan! It is great. I’m also really pale, somehow I got dark reddish-brown hair and the whitest skin in the school ( my nicknames Casper) and it helped. Not with the nickname though. I don’t think that will go away.

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