BootsrefinerewindI know, I know – all the fuss recently has been about this serum’s little sister, Protect & Perfect, but as Refine & Rewind is the grown up version of Protect & Perfect, and because I’m aging like an old hag over here, Refine & Rewind is the one I’ve chosen to review.

Now, I have to confess I’m cheating every so slightly with this. I’ve used Refine & Rewind before, when the BBC’s Horizon show first revealed how good these serums are believed to be, and I loved it. That was a couple of months ago, though, and since the bottle ran out I haven’t been looking after my skin as well I should, so now seemed as good a chance as ever to give it another go, and to review it properly for Hey, Dollface!

But first, a little bit more about why this serum is supposed to be so special…

What is Refine & Rewind?

To quote the bottle, it’s an "Intense perfecting serum". From the blurb on the back: "Watch your skin look younger day by day as this powerful serum improves the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles by up to 50% in just 4 weeks."

We’ll see about that…

Why is there so much hype about this product?

A few months ago, the BBC’s Horizon investigated anti-aging skin creams. They discovered that most of them don’t work – with the exception of one high street brand, which was discovered to actually improve the appearance of fine lines and repair skin damaged by the sun. In other words, these scientists  reckoned this product actually does what it says on the tin. How about that, then?

That product was Boots’ Protect & Perfect serum, which is part of a skincare range including Refine & Rewind and Uplifting Eye Cream. Refine & Rewind is a more intense version of Protect & Perfect, and is meant for more mature skin (and also: me). Not that it mattered, though: as soon as the Horizon programme aired, both serums sold out nationwide, and remained sold out for weeks. Good news for Boots, not such good news for those of desperate to get our wrinkled little hands on the miracle potion.

Protect & Prefect or Refine & Rewind?

So, which of these two serums should you be using? Well, as a general guide, Protect & Perfect is for younger skin, while Refine & Rewind will tackle more stubborn lines on older skin. I should probably be using Protect & Perfect, but, being the wrinkled hag that I am, decided to go straight for the more powerful Refine & Rewind, because I’m stubborn like that. It’s not a good idea to use a cream that’s too rich for your skin, though, so I may well go "down" to Protect & Perfect once this review is over.

(Actually, while I was buying my Refine & Rewind today, the sales assistant tried to persuade me that Protect & Perfect would be more appropriate for my age group. When I asked her what age-group she thought I was in, she guessed I was 18. Eighteen! Go me! Now there’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Maybe it’s testament to the success of Refine & Rewind?)

So, let the testing begin! I’ll be reporting on my progress regularly, so check back to find out how I get on!


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  1. I think is really important to take care or our skin, the skin tell us how we feel, and if we are healthy or not, I also believe that skincare is really important. And this Boots Refine & Rewind Intense Perfecting Serum is really good

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