The Vigil, take 2

OK, let’s try this again, shall we?

Tomorrow morning, Terry is going into hospital to have his fistula removed. Yes, just like he did last time, only this time we’re hoping the operation will, you know, actually happen.

Now, clearly the fact that Terry is having an operation kind of sucks, and when I say it kind of sucks, I mean it kind of sucks for me. Terry is happy and relaxed at the prospect of having his fistula removed. I? Am On a Vigil. For real.

Tomorrow’s Vigil starts at 8am. No, that’s not a typo, that’s 8am as in “an hour I barely knew existed”. (I work from home, OK? I get lazy.) This is actually a good thing because the fact that his operation is so early means that he must be first in the queue (I mean, surely to God they don’t do operations BEFORE 8am? God, I really hope the surgeon is a morning person… ) so, technically speaking, he shouldn’t have to experience the long, tedious delays the NHS is so well known for. And I should be put out of my misery pretty quickly. Well, I hope so anyway.

So, yes, Vigil tomorrow, 8am. Are you with me?