“I need 5 – 300 word articles written about 5 places in Kent England. I can provide links on the web to give you some factual information on these places to give you a helping hand, however the end result of the article must be unique.

I have $20.00 for these articles so please PM me.

Only professional writers please, they are to be used on a law/legal site.”

Quick roll-call. How many “professional writers” do we have out there who are willing to write unique articles for $4 each? Anyone?

You know, I can almost understand the low-paying employers when they advertise on forums (as this was) knowing that the responses they get will be from kids looking to make a bit of extra pocket money, and that the quality of the writing isn’t going to be that great.

I can almost understand that. I still think they’re ripping people off, but if all they’re interested in some low-quality content for search engines to spider then that’s their choice. I may not agree with it (I think these people need to ask themselves why they’re looking for a good search engine placement in the first place. If it’s to bring visitors to their site, then they need to consider the fact that visitors are put off by poor-quality content), but then, I don’t have to: I’m not the person their adverts are aimed at.

It’s when they claim to want “professional writers only” that I start to have real issues with this kind of thing. Because now they are hoping to attract people like me. They’re hoping to attract people like you. They’re hoping that a professional writer – someone who does this for a living, has got it down to a fine art, and does it well enough to pay the mortgage from it – will accept $4 per article.

That’s when I get annoyed.

And the most annoying thing of all? The people who post ads like this want to use your writing to make a profit. Your content will contribute to the success of their business, so they’ll make money from it and you won’t. Other than the $4 you got for writing it, of course.

How is that fair?

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