AftertweezecreamOK, so Anastasia’s After Tweeze Cream won’t actually help you tweeze more easily, but it will help get rid of that tell-take "just tweezed" redness, and if your skin is anything like mine, that has to be a good thing.

I, you see, was born with a unibrow, a bit like Liam Gallaghers. (Well, I wasn’t born with it, exactly. The unibrow came later – but not much later, let me tell you). That unibrow of mine has to be tweezed every single day in order for me to look even barely human, and all of that tweezing has a tendency to leave its mark. Its bright red mark.

No more, though! This cream contains vitamins A, C and E, plus soothing camomile extract, which will calm the redness of "just tweezed" brows (or any other facial redness, according to the website), and it’ll do it for $20. Result.

Buy It: Anastasia After Tweeze Cream

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