Bliss Ray of Hope – a sunscreen that makes you look slimmer. Apparently.

BlissrayofhopeA sunscreen that makes you look slim? Well, I’ll be darned, sign me up for that, please…

The sunscreen in question is Bliss’ Ray of Hope, and it contains "solar activated slender spheres". Yes, "slender spheres". Because that doesn’t sound silly at all, does it? Apparently these slender spheres work to "release the visual slimming effect of caffeine molecules" when you’re lying in the sun, thus creating the illusion that you are, indeed, slimmer. I wonder if they’ll ever release one with "look like Angelina Jolie spheres"? Now that would be worth buying.

This one comes in SPF20 and is in a spray formula for easy application. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used it, and who can tell us whether it actually made them look slimmer or not.

Bliss Ray Of Hope Sunscreen SPF20


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