CargoglossboxI wish I knew why it is that I’m always so drawn to lipglosses. The truth is, I never wear lipgloss. Ever. I have long hair, you see, and the second I slick on some lipgloss I have long hair on my face, welded to my lips by the power of the gloss. Then I have gloss on my hair. And on my coffee mug. And in my coffe. And… well, you get the picture.

That doesn’t stop me buying the stuff, though. No, I’m still a sucker for the stuff (or maybe just a sucker?), which is why this Glossbox by Cargo has caught my eye. It contains 14 different shimmery and sheer lipglosses, all packed in a handy carrying case. You shall have lipgloss wherever you go, people. Not me, though. I’ll just have sticky hair…

Buy It: Cargo Glossbox, $15 at Sephora.

[Source: Style Hive]
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