From an Internet forum that I frequent:

I am looking to possibly hire some writers for a site that might be built.
These are the requirments:

1. You have past exp writing articles.
2. You are able to write with great detail and correct grammar.
3. You have an interest in the topic and are well versed in it.

I know its a long shot but we will try

Pay will be $0.50 per article and I need about 100 of them. Articles that met or exceed expectations will be rewarded $1.00

Please apply ONLY if you meet the criteria. Plagiarizism will not be tolerated so anyone caught copy and pasting stuff from others will be fired and blacklisted

For once, words fail me. Oh well, if you insist…

Things like this make my blood boil. I mean, fifty cents per article. Fifty cents per article. Why? What on God’s green earth would make a professional writer (or even a non-professional with the “past experience” and “correct grammar” this guy’s looking for, sit down and write a carefully-reserached (”great detail”, remember!) article for fifty lousy cents – or even the $1 he’s promising if it’s exceptionally good?

If it were 50 cents per word, then OK, let’s talk. But seriously, I wouldn’t even write an easy article for fifty cents. Why would anyone do that? That detailed article is going to take at least an hour to write. Where are all these people who’re willing to work for $0.50 per hour? Where do they live? How are they affording the internet connection? And what the hell are they smoking to want to work for this kind of “reward”?

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