Review | Benefit Speedbrow tinted eyelash gel


Given that this site has become my own special place for embarrassing myself , I may as well admit that, as well as meeting above my nose (if I don’t tweeze them every day), my eyebrows are also long and straggly. Yes, you wish you were me, you really do…

When you have long, straggly eyebrows, you face a daily battle to look anything like “groomed”. You see, I can tweeze my eyebrows into the perfect shape, but the long, long hairs will still straggle, making me look like I’ve been dragged through the proverbial bush backwards. Cutting them is a mistake – that just makes them spiky. Having them professionally threaded or some other kind of salon treatment could work, but doesn’t because I am:

a) poor
b) lazy

So it’s Benefit Speedbrow all the way. Luckily for me, Speedbrow is something of a miracle worker on my eyebrows. As well as giving them a bit of colour (they’re naturally very pale), it also holds them in place, keeping all those stragglers in place and, even better, keeping them in place all day.  It’s probably not as good as a professional eyebrow tweezing/threading/whatever, but almost

Buy It: Benefit Speedbrow