I love… heated eyelash curlers

TWEEZERMAN Professional Classic Lash Curler (Model: 1034-P)

In recommending heated eyelash curlers to you, I don’t necessarily mean those plasticy heated numbers that invariably break after a few weeks, or just never get hot enough to use. (Or maybe I’ve just had a lot of bad luck with them, who knows?) No, I’m talking about heated eyelashes in principle. Either buy the ones that heat up themselves or buy a regular old pair of metal numbers and heat them yourselves – however you do it, I maintain that while you can buy every expensive mascara in the world, you won’t do it justice without a pair of eyelash curlers.

For myself, I’m a slave to my curlers. In fact, so much do I love them that when I got married in March, I actually bought a spare pair, so paranoid was I that the existing pair would break on the big day. (If you knew how clumsy I am, or how many pairs of eyelash curlers I get through in a year, you’d understand how sensible that was). Luckily, that didn’t happen, for which I thank the good Lord. I don’t think I could face the world now without having first given my eyelashes a bit of a curl, you see, (Superficial? Me?) and this is the best way to do it…

Although I’m always hearing that Shu Uemura’s eyelash curlers are the best in the world, ever (something I intend to put to the test pretty soon), I’m currently using a supermarket own-brand pair. They’re metal curelers, just like the ones shown in the picture, and there’s nothing particularly special about them. They are, however, one of my Holy Grail beauty products , because they make my eyelashes curlier than even the best curling mascara I’ve tried. Here’s what I do:

1. Heat the eyelash curlers
To do this, I simply give them a quick blast with my hairdryer – not enough to make them too hot (they’ll burn your hands and your eyelids, and will over-curl your lashes, making it impossible to put on mascara if you do), but just enough to make them warm. Obviously, you can also buy heated curlers which will let you skip this step.

2. Look up, and choose which eye you want to start with

3. Gently lower your eyelid until the eyelashes are resting between the curves of your eyelash curler. Try to get the curlers as close to the roots as you can, without nipping your eyelid.

4. Press the curlers together gently and hold for a few seconds before opening. Looks painful, really isn’t.

5. Voila! Perfectly curled eyelashes!

The eyelash curlers in the picture: TWEEZERMAN Professional Classic Lash Curler (Model: 1034-P)