A while back, I posted about red flags and how to spot them.

Today I think I found another one – and it’s one that’s cropping up with worrying frequency at sites like Craigslist and others of it’s ilk.

“Looking for a female writing partner” was the headline. Now, straight away, there’s your red flag. Why female? You’re hiring a work-from-home writer; of what relevance can that person’s gender possibly be – unless, of course, you want them to write about childbirth, or some other event that only women can experience first hand.

This advertiser wasn’t looking for someone to write on women-specific topics, though. He just wanted a woman writer, and, even more insultingly, didn’t even want to pay her:

“Your chapters need not be long, and please understand, there is no money involved in this, simply the pleasure of pursuing it. ”

Ah, the pleasure! That old crock! Because, let’s face it, having your home repossessed because you were so busy writing “for pleasure” that you didn’t make any money this month is just so much fun!

But here comes the kicker:

“Please be well over the age of majority if you are interested in this.”

Um, why? OK, so an adult may have more writing experience than a teenager, sure. But somehow I don’t think that’s the kind of writing our friend here is interested in, do you? I think he perhaps has something else in mind altogether: and if not, well, he’s sure worded his job advert in such a way as to make me wonder. ..

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